Wisconsin Women's Policy Institute Sponsors

The Wisconsin Women’s Policy Institute is made possible through generous support of the following foundations, organizations and individuals:

The Women’s Foundation of California
AARP Wisconsin
The Cremer Foundation
The Evjue Foundation, Inc., the charitable arm of The Capital Times
The Helen Bader Foundation
The Katz Family Foundation
The Keller Family Charitable Trust
The Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay
The Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region

Jane Bowers
Nora Cusack
Jane Doughty
Sandy Drew
Bonnie Dykman
Patricia Eldred
Karen Foget
Eve Galanter
Mary Gee
Judith Zukerman Kaufman
Melissa Keyes and Ingrid Rothe
Carol Koby
Diane Lindsley
Saskia Lodder
Patricia Mapp
Lon Newman
Bernadine Peterson
Sandra Phillips
Louise Regelin
Barbara Roberts
Erika Sander
Gail Shea
Jeanne Silverberg
Mary Lang Sollinger
Shirley Steiner
Judy Taylor