The Self-Sufficiency Standard calculates how much income working adults need to meet their basic needs without subsidies of any kind. Unlike the federal poverty standard, the Self-Sufficiency Standard accounts for the costs of living and working as they vary by family size and composition and by geographic location.

Bare Necessities Out of Reach for Many Working Families in Wisconsin: Report shows how much income working families need to make ends meet across the state

The Self-Sufficiency Standard report:

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wisconsin was produced by the Wisconsin Women’s Network (WWN) in partnership with the national organization Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW). Research was conducted by Diana Pearce, Ph.D., University of Washington.  She also authored the report. Supporting data was provided by various federal, state, and local governmental agencies, and private organizations.

Hard copies of the report are available for $10 (includes postage and handling) through the WWN office.

For information on the Self-Sufficiency Standard state-by-state and nationally, click here.