When the Wisconsin Women's Network was founded in 1979, its original name was the Feminist Advocacy Network.  FAN/WWN's original Board of Directors included Wisconsin Delegates to the 1966 Third National Conference of the Commission on the Status of Women, and former attendees of the 1977 National Women's Convention.

The original Board of Directors brought together almost 40 organizations, including the Women's Political Caucus, the Coalition of Labor Union Women, the National Organization for Women (Wisconsin), the Wisconsin Civil Liberties Union, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, the Center for Public Representation, the American Association of University Women, and many others.

A list of FAN/WWN creators and their affiliations:

Kathryn Bemmann, Women in Medicine in Wisconsin
Liesl Blockstein, Wisconsin Women’s Politician Caucus
Gene Boyer, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund
Norma Briggs, Commission on the Status of Women
Julia Burgess, Women’s Enterprises
Kathryn Clarenbach, Professor, UW-Extension
Catherine Conroy, Communications Workers of America
Anne Crump, Coalition of Labor Union Women
Ada Deer, Office of Native American Programs, WI
Joan Dramm, American Association of University Women
Eunice Edgar, Wisconsin Civil Liberties Union
Eleanor Fitch, League of Women Voters of Wisconsin
Anne Gaylor, Women’s Medical Fund, Inc.
Dolores Grengg, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Sarah Harder, Continuing Comm. of the National Women’s Conference
Helen Hensler, AFL-CIO Women’s Conference
Margo House, Wisconsin Feminist Project Fund
Ruby Jackson, Wisconsin Education Association
Bea Kabler, Wisconsin Citizens for Family Planning
Karen Lamb, Wisconsin Coordinator, 51.3% Committee
Valerie Mannis, Legal Association for Women
Sue Nelson, Green County Women’s Coordinating Committee
Nelia Olivencia, Committee on Hispanic Affairs
Vel Phillips, Wisconsin International Women’s Year Delegation
D’Ann Prior, Wisconsin NOW
Betty Reimer, Business and Professional Women
Hania W. Ris, M.D., Assoc. Prof. of Pediatrics, UW Medical School
Chris Roerden, Wisconsin NOW
Mary Ann Rossi, Commission on the Status of Women
Helen Sigmund, Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Betty Smith, Former Alderwoman, City of Madison
Pat Swartzberg, Dane County Women’s Political Caucus
Marian Thompson, Assoc. Professor, UW-Extension
Connie Threinen, International Women’s Year Coordinating Committee
Louise Trubek, Center for Public Representation
Gretcher Vetzner, Legal Association for Women