Special Projects

The mission of the Wisconsin Women's Network is simple: to promote the advancement of women and girls through communication, education, advocacy, and connections.  As a Network, we do that in a number of different ways; we serve as a coalition made up of organizations, and we support and promote the activities of those organizations. But we also have our own programming that serves our mission statement.

Board of Directors member Lily Johnson and WWN Intern Laura McGinnis at one of Madison's "Feminism on Tap" events.

Our Wisconsin Women's Policy Institute trains women of all ages how to become advocates for themselves at a state and local level. This four-month program provides women with seminars and hands-on learning on a variety of issues related to state government and advocacy. The program Fellows learn everything from the simple "how a bill becomes a law" to "how to testify at a committee hearing."  

This year the Wisconsin Women's Network launched our Mentorship Program, which connects women professionals with undergraduate women for a year-long mentoring experience. The Mentorship Program is a professional development program designed to provide undergraduate students with the support and guidance they need to make the transition from college into the workplace.

We also work with Wider Opportunities for Women out of Washington, D.C. to promote the Elder Economic Security Index.  The Index is a county-by-county measure of the standard of living for Wisconsin adults over the age of 65; it measures the cost of basic living expenses for the average adult, based upon household size, geographical area, health, food, and housing.  

The Wisconsin Women's Network connects our members not only to each other, but also to broad range of issues affecting women across this state.  Our Brown Bag series, held during the noon hour on the first Monday of every month, invites experts to come in to discuss different issues relevant to women.  In the past, we have had speakers talk about diversity in the workplace, how the environment may impact a woman's pregnancy, and human trafficking concerns for young girls in Wisconsin. 

We also hold an annual art show, Artful Women, that celebrates female artists in Wisconsin.  Each year, about seventy women artists across the state enter canvas paintings, bead work, photography, sculptures, and mixed media pieces into our show.  The pieces are show in a local gallery for the month of November; a "Best in Show" award is announced at our Artful Women reception.  Check out some of the beautiful pieces featured in last year's show!

We could not continue these important programs without your help; we rely on each and every one of you, and each cent you give is precious to us.  Send us a tax-deductible donation today, and help improve the lives of Wisconsin's women and girls!