Other Issues

Child Care

WWN recognizes that quality child care and education are important to prepare our future leaders for success.  For more information on affordable child care services, advocacy, and support, visit the Community Coordinated Child Care, Inc. website. 

Political Participation

Political participation starts with becoming an informed and committed voter. It includes assisting candidates for office and even becoming a candidate for local, state or national office.

If you are interested in learning how to become a politically active advocate in your community, check out our Wisconsin Women's Policy Institute!

From Wisconsin Women’s Council :
Wisconsin County-by-County Guide to Women in Local Government
Wisconsin Women in Local Government: 2007 Benchmark Study
Who Me? What We Know About Why Women Don’t Run for Political Office

Women Veterans

Women in Boots Marching Home is a resource guide for Wisconsin’s women veterans, developed by the Women Veterans Task Force of WWN.

For more information on Wisconsin's women veterans, including information on clinics, expos, and hotlines, visit the Department of Veteran's Affairs website.