Contact Officials

Wisconsin offices of members of Congress

Office of the Governor
115 East, State Capitol Building, Madison, WI 53702


Office of the Lt. Governor
Rm. 19 East, State Capitol Building, Madison, WI 53702

608-266-3516 or

Wisconsin Legislators
Find out who your state legislators are, or contact them, through Wisconsin’s legislative hotline:
Toll free statewide: 1-800-362-9472
In the Madison area: 266-9960
TTY: 1-800-228-2115
Or visit

To write members of the State Legislature:

Representative (with last names A-L)
P.O. Box 8952, 
Madison, WI 53708

Representative (with last names M-Z)
P.O. Box 8953, Madison, WI 53708

Or e-mail: rep.(last name)

Senator (name)
P.O. Box 7882,
Madison, WI 53707
Or e-mail: sen.(last name)

For Information on Legislation:

Wisconsin State Government Web Site
“Thomas” U.S. Congress on the Internet
United States Senate Web Site
United States House of Representatives Web Site

These sites will give you official information on statutes, bill histories, legislative committees, budget, and floor schedules.